Throne of Glass Readathon!

Since discovering the amazing Sarah J. Maas earlier this year, we have been wanting to read the Throne of Glass series. We absolutely loved reading A Court of Thorns and Roses and the sequel A Court of Mist and Fury, which by the way is one of our favorite and we will never get tired of saying that. We decided to enjoy our first college winter break by marathoning the Throne of Glass series. We would love it if any of you guys want to join us in marathoning the series with us. We are starting to read the series next week and we made a calendar to make sure we would be able to read the entire series during our break.

Throne of Glass: December 19 to December 22

Crown of Midnight: December 23 to December 27

The Assassin’s Blade: December 28 to January 1

Heir of Fire: January 2 to January 7

Queen of Shadows: January 8 to January 14

Empire of Storms: January 15 to January 21

And on January 22 we’ll be posting our reaction to the entire Throne of Glass series!!!

P.S. we are thinking of maybe starting a youtube channel, but we still aren’t sure, let us know what you guys think 😊

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!

– Wilmarilys & Melissa


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