Category Jeremy Review!

A couple of weeks ago we participated in the Category Jeremy (Chronicles of Dover’s Amalgam Book Two) by Elizabetta Holcomb book tour hosted and organized by Happy Lil Book Tours. Since this is the second book in the series and I haven’t read the first book it was a struggle to read since I do not like to read books out of order. Since the story is told from Jeremy and Beau’s point of view it wasn’t too hard to figure out what happened in the first book. I am just assuming that the books mirror each other. The book has a cool dual time period concept, which was something I don’t think I have read many or any books with a similar concept. It took a while to get into reading the book, but it would have probably been a whole lot easier to get sucked into the book if I would’ve read the first book before this one. The book is about love and time travel, there is suspense and even magic powers.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!


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