How’s College?

So far college is and isn’t what I expected it to be. When I entered college I knew that it would be nothing like high school and that we would have a lot more freedom and I also knew that I would be getting a lot of work but at the same time I couldn’t really fully prepare myself for how it would be. So far, I’ve gotten a lot more work than I thought I would have. I constantly have work or readings to do and I have very little time to do what I want to do. I have absolutely no time to read anything that I actually want to read because I have so much reading to do for all of my classes. Since I started college in September I’ve only read like three books and two of them were for school. I have like no time to watch tv or go out. Last weekend I was able to go to a book signing and to my co owner’s house but that’s about it.  Also because I’m currently undecided, I’m taking all of the basic requirements I need before I choose a major which means that all of the classes I’m taking require so much work.

We’re currently halfway through the semester and I can’t wait to be done because I’ll be able to get a lot of reading done since our winter break is like a month long. Both of us also plan on do a read along for the Throne of Glass series during winter break because we’ve really been wanting to read this series. College definely isn’t what I thought it would be but I know in the long run that it will be beneficial to me but at the moment I’m ready to be done. Currently I have a lab report to write which is due tomorrow and I haven’t started it and I also have a take home test for my sociology class that is due in two days but I haven’t started it either.

P.S. If anyone is interested in doing a read along with us for the Throne of Glass series whether you’ve read it or not, you’re more than welcome to.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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