Organizing My Chaotic Shelves!

A while back I tried combining my TBR books with the books on my shelves and that was a complete disaster. I am not meant for organizing shelves, but the co owner, Melissa is and tomorrow she’s coming over to organize my shelves. My shelves are in serious need of organization so it’s a good thing that she’s coming over. We’re also going to talk about some other bookish related things. We have a couple of ideas but we’re still figuring out how to actually turn our ideas into something real. Hopefully we don’t get too distracted talking about books that we forget to talk about our ideas. We’re really excited about these ideas, we just haven’t had time to talk about them to properly figure out how to implement them. We’re going to try to be as productive as possible, but we’ll see how it goes since we’re going to a Teen Panel today and Melissa de la Cruz, Danielle Paige, Lauren Oliver, and Kendare Blake are all going to be there talking about there lastest book releases.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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