Slowly Adjusting…

We started college about 3 weeks ago and we are still trying to adapt to this lifestyle. Not that being in college is really hard right now (it’s only our first semester and it’s only been three weeks), but it is so different compared to high school. I’m taking 6 classes this semester, but in a day the most I’ll have is 3 classes on some days I’ll have 2, but some days I work before or after classes, so my schedule constantly changes. I really didn’t expect having to adjust this much, but not having the same classes everyday makes it harder to remember your schedule and to do your work. I feel like I’m starting to adjust to my new class schedule so hopefully soon both of us will be able to post when we originally planned to post. I know that both of us feel bad for pushing our bookish accounts to the side, but we’re going to slowly ease our way back into our regular routine soon.

Hopefully we’ll be able to post again on Thursday, but until then have an ALMIGHTY day and rest of the week, if we aren’t able to post again for a while.



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