My Bookish Playlist!

Sometimes while I’m reading I really like listening to certain songs or cds because they help me concentrate while I’m reading and just put me in a good mood. Normally I can read through really loud noises or if people are talking if the book is really interesting but sometimes I have some trouble concentrating if I’m just really not that into a book so I’ll just listen to some music so that I can just block out everything and concentrate on what I’m reading.

I thought that it would be kind of cool to share with everyone some songs that I like listening to while I’m reading and that just help me relax a bit. Below I’ll be listing some songs that put me in a good mood and that help me concentrate while reading as well as the links if anyone is interested in checking them out which I highly encourage. By the way these aren’t all of the songs that I listen to while reading because I listen to a lot more but these are just a couple of them. (Click one them to listen)

P.S. Volume 1 & 2 of the Outlander soundtrack are fantastic and I listen to those two albums the most while I’m reading and just in general.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!






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