Bargain Books!

We all love books, obviously because what there not to love. I mean apart from the occasional heartbreak while reading or when finished. Sometimes the heartbreak happens to our wallets and most of the time we can’t help it. When we see books that we like we just have to have them, no matter what. I myself am guilty of this, I buy books like crazy, it’s sort of a problem, a problem that I do not like to admit to people.

I do not like paying full price for books, especially if they are hardcover. I usually don’t pay full price for books, but if it’s paperback then sometimes I do, but a lot of my books I bought them from the Barnes & Noble website because I am a member so I get discounts, coupons, and free shipping. There are so many different places that I have gotten my books from, so I’m going to share a couple: Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon,, Book Outlet (the website, I don’t live in Canada so I’ve never been to the store, but I might be going soon),  and Ebay (when I want a certain edition that I can’t find anywhere else). There is also this store in our area called Ollie’s Bargain Outlet and they have really cheap books so when I go and see some books that I would read I more than likely buy them.

I have a hard time resisting books that are cheap and in good condition. If you have the same problem as me  (I wouldn’t really consider it a problem…) I would definitely recommend checking out some of these websites if you want to find some book deals.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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