Five Summers Review!

five summers

I recently read my first Una LaMarche book, Five Summers and I have to say that I can’t wait to read more by her. I’m not really sure how I came across the book, but I believe that my aunt sent it to me as a present awhile back. I have been meaning to read the book for a while now and I finally decided to add it to my August TBR.

Five Summers is the story of four friends, who met in summer camp and created a long lasting friendship. The group of girls called themselves the JEMS: Jo which is short for Johannah, is the daughter of the camp director, Emma and Skylar became instant friends on their first day of camp, and Maddie who always looked forward to leaving for camp and living another life.

The story is told from a couple of different perspectives. Each of the JEMS has their own voice; well multiple voices because the girls have chapters in which they are talking about a past memory from their earlier years at camp.

Of course this book is all about summer camp and their experiences at camp, but it’s so much more than just camp. The story is about friendship and trust, about deciding what things are more important. After their final year at camp the girls promised to keep in touch, but the everyday lives got in the way. The girls tried to keep in touch, but as time went by it got the messages passed between the girls decreased. It wasn’t that the girls didn’t want to still be friends, it was just that it was hard for them to find the time in their “normal” everyday lives.

The girls did eventually reunite again at the same camp that they meet at for a reunion weekend celebration. None of the girls knew what to expect when they arrived on camp. Two of the girls were already on the camp because they were counselors, but the other two had to drive to the camp to be there for the weekend. They all had different things on their mind on the hours leading up to the reunion. I won’t mention the things that were on their mind because it’s kind of crucial to the story.

The girls have begun to grow apart, but the strength of the friendship they had before leaving camp was still there. The girls just needed to remind themselves that their friendship was more important than anything. The weekend started off very rocky for all the girls. The girls were apart for so long that they didn’t want to hurt the others feelings or change the way the other girls saw them. It took them a while to remember that best friends don’t care about the superficial stuff. They made a pact to be best friends forever and life and boys  got in the way, but they found there way back to each other.

Five Summers is a story that represents what true friendship is, it shows that love conquers all, even the love between best friends. I truly recommend reading this book and if you already did maybe you would enjoy watching Dead of Summer on Freeform, it’s about a summer camp too, it’s not like Five Summers, but you might like it.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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