So Much Closer Review!


Recently I bought and read the book So Much Closer by Susane Colasanti. I ended buying this book because it was a hardcover for $0.49 so of course I had to get it and I’m actually really happy that I did. Before reading So Much Closer, I had never read a book by Colasanti but I had heard of one of her books titled Something Like Fate and I remember having wanted to read it. So Much Closer is the first book I’ve read by this author and I quite enjoyed it a lot. There were some issues that I did have with the book but overall I really liked it and it reminded me a lot of Sarah Dessen’s writing style.

So Much Closer is a book about a girl entering her senior year of high school named Brooke Greene that despite quite literally being a genius, refuses to do well in school because she doesn’t believe in the public school system. . Brooke has been in love with the same boy, Scott Abrama for years but he never seemed to notice her. Scott is a popular jock at the school that Brooke goes to and is one of the star athletes of the lacrosse team. One day during their junior picnic, Brooke decides that that is the day that she will tell Scott that she has been in love with him for years because she fears that she’ll get the courage to ever tell him again. As Brooke makes her way towards Scott, they begin talking and Scott laments never having spoken to her because he is moving in a few days to New York so they’ll never get to know each other. Brooke is devasted that Scott is moving and she decides that the Knowing (a strong feeling that she has that she and Scott belong together) is telling her that it is her destiny to leave New Jersey and move in with her father that she hasn’t spoken to in years and that lives in New York. Despite Brooke having always wanted to move to New York, she moves to follow Scott and make him realize that they belong together. Having made this decision, Brooke leaves her life behind in New Jersey and sets out to find Scott. Brooke ends up going to the same school as Scott and she is overjoyed when she realizes that she could have a shot with him until she realizes that he has a girlfriend. While Brooke is trying to make Scott realize that they belong together, little does she know that her life is changing as she’s spending time in New York City, making friends with a girl who annoys her at first, and tutoring a boy named John that struggles in school. Eventually Brooke and Scott get together and things aren’t like Brooke imagined they would be. Brooke is consumed with thinking about Scott that she doesn’t realize that he may not be the right person for her and that the person that is changing her and making her realize who she wants to be is much closer than she thinks. Brooke life is changing in more ways than one and it has nothing to do with Scott and eventually realizes that she made the right decision by moving to New York even though it was for the wrong reason.

Having been the first book I read by Colasanti, I was actually really impressed and definitely would like to read more of her books. At first when I started reading So Much Closer, I thought that Brooke was absolutely crazy for moving to New York to follow a boy but I liked how she ended up realizing that her life doesn’t revolve around one boy and how she found out the career that she wants to pursue. I feel like even though it would quite a short book, Brooke grew up a lot and learned to express her feelings more clearly. I also really enjoyed the dynamic between Brooke and John and how much she was able to help him by being his friend and tutor. I would definitely recommend others reading this book and I think that it’s a cute, short contemporary book about finding out who you are.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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