Starry Night Book Review!

A few weeks ago I finished reading Starry Night by Isabel Gillies and I was very disappointed. First off I would like to start off by saying that I was frustrated with this book the entire time that I was reading it. I bought this book from BookOutlet because I liked the cover and it was pretty cheap but I definitely should have done more research on it.


Starry Night is about a girl named Wren who is an amazing artist and her three best friends Farah. Padmavati, and Reagan that are in their sophomore year of high school. Wren and her friends live in New York City and have been friends practically since they were born when all of their mothers meet at a yoga class. The book follows Wren and the lead up to a huge party being held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where they are celebrating the opening of an exhibit curated by her father showcasing a new artist. Wren has never been in love and has never attended such an extravagant party before because her parents never let her attend one of these black-tie events. Wren and her friends are extremely excited for this night because Wren in particular feels as though something very important is going to happen that night. The day that Wren and her friends are preparing to get ready for the party, Wren meets one her brother Oliver’s new friends and from that moment, Wren knows that she’s in love and that she has to get to know her brother’s friend Nolan. Nolan is a senior in high school and is in a band that is very quickly becoming popular. After meeting Nolan and finding out that he will be attending the party, Wren is convinced even more that her life is going to change that night because she’s met a gorgeous guy and her mother is letting her wear her red Oscar de la Renta dress that she’s been dreaming of ever since she was little.

Later on while they are at the party, Nolan finds a way to get close to Wren and Wren secretly shows Nolan some of her favorite exhibits. Wren and Nolan instantly have a connection and Nolan asks Wren to leave with him and roam the city. From that night Nolan and Wren are inseparable and find ways to meet each other even though Wren was grounded for leaving the party without telling anyone. As Wren is falling even more in love with Nolan, her friendship with Reagan and Farah meet many obstacles when Reagan flirts with Wren’s brother who Padmavati has been in love with for years and when she also flirts with Nolan. Farah and Wren’s friendship faces many obstacles when Farah who is fifteen gets involved romantically with a man that is in his thirties. While dealing with all these friendship obstacles Wren is also struggling with her application for attending an art school in France for a semester and making the decision whether she still wants to apply at all because Nolan asked her to stay and not go to France. After Wren makes her decision, her world slowly starts crumbling to pieces when her suspicions are confirmed that one of her friends and Nolan are keeping a huge secret from her.

My Opinion:

I didn’t like this book very much at all and it’s one of my lowest ratings for the year. I felt as though the book was basically about Wren’s failed love attempt. Wren and all of her friends were extremely immature and while I’m aware that they are only fifteen, they acted like a bunch of twelve year olds. I found Wren very naïve and delusional and overall she was just very unrealistic. Her and friends were very childish and annoying and I honestly could not stand Reagan. Reagan’s character absolutely annoyed me to no end and she was a terrible friend. Every time that the author would mention Reagan I just wanted it to be over. Also the overall writing of the novel was pretty average and generic. The only thing that I liked about the book was the relationship that happens between Padmavati and Oliver because I thought that they were so cute together even though it took Oliver forever to realize it.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️

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One thought on “Starry Night Book Review!

  1. Oh god… I have wanted to read this book so bad for so long, it is on my bookshelf, but now I am not sure haha

    I will still need to judge for myself, but it sounds like “Why We Broke Up” which I loath to dead…

    Thank you very much for sharing and for comments! I will take this in consideration! I hope you could take a look at my blog too! :3


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