My Bookish Adventures!

A few days ago, my love for books and my love for Nicholas Sparks in particular led me to taking a trip to Edenton, North Carolina. Ever since I was in fifth grade, I’ve wanted to go to North Carolina and the reason for this all started when I was doing my homework and the movie A Walk to Remember came on. I had never seen the movie before and had never read a book or watched a movie by Nicholas Sparks. Ever since seeing A Walk to Remember for the first time, I became obsessed with Nicholas Sparks and so far I’ve read 15 out of his 19, soon to be 20 published works. Practically all of Nicholas Sparks’ books take place in North Carolina and in his books he makes North Carolina seem like such a wonderful place that it made me want to go and visit North Carolina. My mother knowing how much I adore Nicholas Sparks, planned a trip as my high school graduation present to go to North Carolina. When I found out that we were going I was overcome with so much happiness. I know most people don’t dream of going to North Carolina but I just had to see for myself if what everything Nicholas Sparks said in his books were true.

The reason that my mother chose Edenton, North Carolina was because that’s where he got his inspiration for writing Safe Haven even though the book doesn’t take place in Edenton. In Safe Haven, Katie escapes her abusive husband and ends up finding safety in a small fishing town. There she ends up falling in love with a man named Alex and she finds peace for a while until her husband ends up finding her. When I arrived to Edenton I was shocked to find out that the town only had a population of 5,000 and this was shocking to me because in the town I live in their is a population of about 85,000. My first day of being in Edenton, I instantly knew why Nicholas Sparks had been inspired to write Safe Haven because there, there is this long pier surrounded by water that has boats and lighthouse as well as a historic home on the water. Edenton was so beautiful and I fell in love, the people their were so kind which I’m not use to at all and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous.

During my trip in North Carolina, we also visited Creswell and Elizabeth City. I was able to take a tour of Penelope Barker’s house, take a trolley tour, go to a plantation, and visit a museum. I had such a wonderful experience and the houses and land are so beautiful over there. If I ever go to North Carolina again I would definitely like to visit Wilmington and New Bern. While I was there I also did a bit of book buying and I ended up getting 6 books and 4 oriental rug bookmarks that I adore so much. My trip was so incredible and I’m so thankful for Nicholas Sparks for having led to my love for North Carolina.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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