Tell Me Three Things Review!

So recently I read Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum and it was a cute young adult contemporary novel. Tell Me Three Things was the first book I read by Julie Buxbaum and I will more than likely read some of the other books she has published. I enjoyed reading TMTT, so I’m glad I found out about this book. I was also very excited to receive a little book swag envelope that consisted of postcards,t a cute bookmark, a signed bookplate and some other cute Tell Me Three Things merch.

TMTT is about a teenage girl named Jessie who moves to LA from Chicago  with her father after having lost a very important family member. When they move to LA Jessie has a hard time adjusting to the lifestyle and she gets homesick very quickly. She misses her best friend and she has trouble fitting in. She starts to believe that she doesn’t belong there until a Somebody/Nobody decides to become her friend/guide into adjusting to her new life in a new school halfway across the country. At first this SN (Somebody/Nobody) person seemed a bit strange and it was kind of weird how he found her information without her knowing, even though you can find just about anything on the internet nowadays. Anyways, Jessie was stubborn at first and didn’t want SN’s help, but eventually she gave in and SN’s advice was very helpful to Jessie. She started to make friends and somewhere along the way her conversations with SN became flirty and it was possible that they started to develop feelings for each other.

If you pay attention I don’t think it’s that hard to discover SN’s true identity, but to Jessie it is a bit hard. I got upset with Jessie at some parts because she was so naive and extremely oblivious. I think that deep down she knew who SN was, but she didn’t want to believe that that person was actually SN. While it was extremely obvious who SN, Jessie just didn’t want to believe it until a couple of minutes before they met face to face.

I enjoyed reading it, but it is not one of my favorite contemporary love stories. I do recommend reading it because it is a cute contemporary read. I look forward to reading her other books and I believe she is publishing a book next year, so I can’t wait to buy it and read it.


Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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