Hardcover v. Paperback!

Whenever you go book shopping, you might ask yourself the question, “Do I get this book in hardcover or in paperback?” Obviously my go to choice is hardcover, but on occasion I do buy some of my books in paperback. I prefer to buy my books in hardcover, I buy them in paperback if it is only available in paperback. Clearly there are some reasons why buying paperbacks would allow you to read more, first off they’re usually a lot cheaper than hardcovers and easier to take with you. Hardcovers on the other hand look a lot prettier on your bookshelf, but they aren’t as portable as paperbacks since they take up more space in your purse, or bag. I do have to admit that some paperbacks can and do have nice spines. I suppose it just depends on personal preference, I myself have a mix of both hardcover books and paperback books.
Comment below what kind of book you prefer buying.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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