Someone Like You Review!

A few weeks ago I read Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen and though I was weary when I went into reading this book because I don’t really like reading books that deal with teen pregnancy, I actually quite liked this book a lot. At this point I’ve read 8 books by Sarah Dessen and I almost always have liked her books because they deal with real life issues and always have valuable life lessons in them.

Someone Like You is about a girl named Halley and her best friend Scarlett. Halley and Scarlett have been best friends ever since Scarlett moved to the same town as Halley and Halley has always followed in the footsteps of her more daring friend Scarlett. During the summer before their junior year of high school, Scarlett falls in love with a boy named Michael and Halley is somewhat left by herself. During this summer, Halley goes away to an all girls summer camp that her mother forces her to go to. While at camp, Halley receives a phone call from Scarlett saying that Michael is dead so Halley hurriedly calls her mother and asks to leave camp early to the dismay of her mother.

When Halley arrives home, she finds out that Michael was killed in a motorcycle accident and on the day of Michael’s funeral, Halley meets Michael’s best friend Macon who Halley soon begins to fall for. In the midst of Halley dealing with her new feeling for Macon who she believes would never be interested in her, Halley finds out that Scarlett is pregnant with Michael’s baby. At this moment, Halley vows to be there for her friend during whatever choice she decides to make. Scarlett contemplates getting an abortion, giving the baby up for adoption or keeping the baby, knowing very well that this would make her life very difficult because she is in high school. While at an abortion clinic, Scarlett decides that she can not go through with it and decides to keep the baby and Halley stays by her side. While Halley is dealing with helping Scarlett she is juggling what to do about Macon who confessed to her that he likes her as well. Halley finding out that Macon likes her should be a happy moment for her but her parents disapprove of Macon because he is a bad influence and they forbid her from seeing him. Later on an event happens that questions whether or not Macon cares for Halley and Halley gets into a huge fight with Scarlett about Macon. In the end Halley realizes that Macon is not the right person for her and that friendship is way more important that any boy.

Overall I really enjoyed this book because I loved the friendship between Halley and Scarlett and how they were there for each other during difficult times in their lives. While I did like this book, I wasn’t a very big fan of the romantic relationship aspects of the book. I did not like Macon at all because he was a huge jerk and extremely shallow and didn’t seem like he really liked Halley at all. It seemed as though all he wanted to do was sleep with her and I didn’t like how naïve Halley was when it came to him. While I did have these issues with the book, the friendship aspect of the book definitely made up for any problems that I found in the book. I loved how in the end, despite all the hardships that Halley and Scarlett went through that they were able to work through their issues and remain best friends.



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