B-Fest Review!

A Couple of weeks ago Barnes and Nobles held a nation wide book festival throughout their stores. I went to two stores during that weekend. I went to one closer to where I live and I picked up some of the free sneak peeks and some of the cute little bookish merchandise. I was not expecting to receive so many different sneak peeks. I can’t wait to read them all, from what I read some of the books coming out later on are going to be good and I might be purchasing some of them, maybe all of them, who knows.

The other Barnes & Noble that I went to, this time with Melissa, was a little farther away, the only reason we decided to go to that one was because there were holding a book signing/book release party for Julie Esbaugh; her debut book Ivory and Bone is on sale now and we will be reading soon, and Sarah J. Maas, a friend of Julie was going to be helping Julie through her first book Q&A/signing. It was really inspiring to learn the story behind how Julie sold her book after a couple of rejections, she never gave up and I think that’s something we all admire.

This was our third book signing and I have to say that each signing gets a little bit better, although the waiting to actually get the book signed takes, what seems to be like an eternity, it was a really great event and I’m glad that we decided to go. We haven’t read Julie’s book yet, but we’re excited to start and we can’t wait to review it for you guys!

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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