Red Queen Review!

So I have been wanting to read the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard for about a year now. I first saw the book on the Barnes & Noble website, it was under upcoming releases tab. I had no idea what the book was about, I am like a major cover buyer so when the book was released I purchased it from the Barnes & Noble website (I prefer to buy my books online because of the privileges B&N members get). I wasn’t going to read it as soon as I got it because I was reading a different book at the time and when I was planning to read it, my co-owner was planning on buying the book, so I didn’t start. We usually co-read almost all of our books together now, anyways, so I waited for her to get it, but then we both kept putting it off until just recently.

Red Queen is a four book dystopian society series, only two of the books have been released and there are two short stories in the series. We both have recently finished reading Glass Sword, which is the second book in the series, but currently Red Queen is my favorite between the two. This book kind of reminded me of The Selection because of the separation between the people, in The Selection the separation occurs because of the caste system and in Red Queen it occurs because of the color of their blood. I honestly love books like this, like I would say my favorite books to read are contemporaries, but I also have a passion for reading dystopian books like these.

Red Queen takes place in a fictional land called Norta, where their form of government is a monarchy. While reading it you might think it is like a typical fairy tale, like the ones we grew up reading or watching film adaptations on tv, where the prince: soon-to-be king, falls in love with a poor “peasant” girl, but this story is so much more. In this story the poor peasant-like girl learns that she isn’t as weak as everyone made her put to be, she is stronger than those who looked down upon her. Mare is just a girl who loves her family and is trying to avoid being separated and sent to the war front. In Mare’s attempt to save herself and the ones she loves she ends up meeting two very different people, who will play very different, but very important parts in her life.

At first I wasn’t sure what to think of Farley: she is one of the people Mare meets, and she is one of the leaders of the Scarlet Guard, because she seemed cold and uncaring, but later on and in Cruel Crown we learn who she truly is. The Scarlet Guard are a Red run organization that secretly operates in Norta, trying to  gain equality between the different bloods. The Reds are treated poorly and in most cases are servants to Silvers. The other person she ends up meeting is (you might have guessed it by now) the oldest prince, Cal. Let me just saw that you will end up having mixed feelings for him at some point (if you decide to pick up a copy of Red Queen or if you decide to finally pick it up out of your TBR pile, which I highly recommend), but you just have to remember how you felt when you first meet him. I instantly wanted them together, but that’s just me. I don’t want to give too much away, but I have to say that this book did give me the feels and I definitely ship some of the characters together. I won’t say who, but if you have read it you probably know who I’m talking about, and if you haven’t read it yet you will know when you read it.

Mare can be complicated to understand and it doesn’t get any easier in Glass Sword (the sequel to the Red Queen Series) and you may find yourself upset with Mare. Anyways, Mare doesn’t understand why her life was changed, but she does know that she must fight in order to have a chance to create equality among the different bloods: Silvers, the high and mighty, Reds, the small and powerless, and now the Newbloods, the different and powerful. Mare fights for this cause with her life and she has the help of the Scarlet Guard and of a member of the royal family. Mare learns that she can’t trust everyone, but it’s too late because someone betrayed her before she could discover what was happening. The betrayal causes Mare to become a wanted person and she escapes Norta, after almost being killed by the Silvers, who were being commanded by the king.

The story following Mare’s escape is told in Glass Sword. Like I mentioned earlier we co-read Glass Sword,  so hopefully we can get a review up soon. I’m not sure what I’m expecting to happen in the other books in this story, but I have to wait for them to come out. I have a feeling that something extremely drastic is going to happen. I’m just really hoping that Mare doesn’t do anything to crazy.


Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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