Morgan Matson Book Signing!!

About two weeks on the 19th, it was a really exciting day because we got to meet Morgan Matson and get our copy of her new book, The Unexpected Everything signed (you should definitely go check out our review on this book). Previously we had went to another signing for The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (we also wrote a blog on our experience that day) at the same store that we met Morgan at and meeting him was great but the event was very unorganized but this time around we had a really good experience. Meeting Morgan was absolutely amazing because she was so sweet and funny.

The event started off with Morgan speaking about her new book and her inspiration for writing the book. Then people were able to ask her questions about her new book as well as books that she has previously written. After that, everyone was given a raffle ticket and she gave away about five prices which were t-shirts, signed posters, and a playlist that she created (she’s really into making playlists.) Then came the actual signing and everyone was able to get their books signed and talk with her. It was kind of crazy because some people took like 8 books to get signed but she loves when people take multiple books of hers. It was also really sweet and adorable because she gave everyone a pencil case that said The Unexpected Everything on it and she also took polaroid pictures with everyone and signed the picture. Overall we had a really good experience and would really like to meet her again when she releases her next book.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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