The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise Review!

I just finished The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow about two minutes ago and I just had to write a review about this book. I’m writing this now because I feel like I have a lot to say about this book. The first thing that I’ll  say is that I was extremely disappointed by this book. I normally buy my books based off of their cover and that’s what I did with this book. I first heard about this book about a little over a year ago because while I was at Barnes and Nobles studying for my AP U.S. History test I saw it and fell in love with the cover. Since that day I had been wanting to read the book even though I had no idea what it was about. I had forgotten what the name of the book was and a few months ago I saw it and put it in my tbr list. When I saw that the book was on BookOutlet I bought it and was expecting so much more from it.

The problem that I had with the book was that while I was reading it I literally felt nothing for the characters. Usually when I read a book and like it, I get invested into the characters and what is going on with their lives and that didn’t happened with this book. While I was reading this book, I felt no emotions for the characters and while yes I felt bad that the main characters Francis and Amber had cancer, I felt nothing more for them. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character Francis because I felt like he was always whining and complaining about something and he seemed a bit pretentious to me. Francis always tried to make it seem as though he was better than everyone else and he wanted all of the attention focused on him. I just felt like throughout the entire book, even before he found out that he had cancer that he was complaining about something. I also didn’t like how needy Francis was and how he got happy when Amber was sent back to the hospital because that gave him reassurance that Amber wasn’t just ignoring him. Overall I just wasn’t a big fan of Francis.What I also didn’t like was the relationship between Francis and Amber and the lack of development their relationship. In the book, after Francis finds out that he has cancer, he is sent to the hospital to begin treatment and four days later Amber comes to the hospital and is put into the bed next to his. I feel like after they meet each other the just start dating and the author just doesn’t develop their relationship. It’s just kind of like oh they like each other so they start dating and out of nowhere they start talking about how they’re in love and I was so confused because I didn’t see how they fell in love with each other. I felt like they weren’t even really in love with each other and I felt as though they were only together because there was no one else really around. Also I felt as though Francis was a bit obsessive when it came to Amber and Amber showed like no emotions towards Francis. They really didn’t give me the feels like at all throughout the entire book.

Lastly I didn’t really like the ending either. Towards the end of the book, you find out that Amber dies and when this happened I literally felt nothing. I was kind of expecting this happen because as the book carried on, Francis was getting better and Amber was getting worse. Normally when I character dies and when such an important character to the story dies I would feel heartbroken but when I read that she died I felt slightly bad but it didn’t really have an effect on me because I felt no connection to her character. Overall I was very disappointed with the book and rate it a 3 out of 5 stars mostly because I really liked the cover but it was an okay book. There was nothing spectacular or memorable about this book and it’s pretty average and I’ll probably just place it on my bookcase and not pick it up again (unless it’s to take pictures of it’s pretty cover).

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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