“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.”

— East of  Eden, John Steinbeck


The Unexpected Everything Review!

Recently I finished reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson and I absolutely loved the book. There honestly isn’t a thing that I didn’t like about the book other than that I didn’t want the book to end. I also recently went to a book signing for Morgan and I was able to meet her and get The Unexpected Everything signed and she was so sweet (we’ll have a blog up soon about our experience.) The book follows the life of Andie and her summer before becoming a senior in high school. Andie is the kind of person that has her whole life planned out and is sure of everything that she wants. During this summer, she plans to go to a summer program at John Hopkins because she is planning to become a doctor. Later on she gets a phone call saying that she is longer going to be able to attend the program because the person that wrote her letter of recommendation for the program withdrew his recommendation because Andie’s father who is a Congressman is involved in a financial scandal. After this happens Andie’s entire summer plans change and she gets to spend the entire summer with her best friends Palmer, Bri, and Toby as well as her father who also has no plans because he takes a leave of absence from Congress until the scandal is cleared. Andie and her father find themselves left with no plans and spending the entire summer with each other which hasn’t happened in like five years. Andie and her dad have a difficult relationship because they don’t really know each other and Andie has pretty much had to take care of herself since her mother passed away.

Because Andie is the type of person that is worried about finding things that will look good on her college application, she tries to find something to do during the summer because of all of her friends have summer jobs and she ends up finding a mysterious ad which ends up to Andie becoming a dog walker. During her time as a dog walker, she meets a boy that she had previously met while she was on her way to speaking to the person that withdrew their letter of recommendation. After this happens, they start to like each other and end up falling love with other. Clark ends up becoming a member of Andie’s social circle and Andie and all of her friends spend the summer together hanging out by the pool and doing a massive scavenger. The summer seems to be going well until Andie’s insecurities about her and Clark’s relationship start to get to her, a boy threatens to ruin the four best friends entire friendship, and her dad being cleared of any fault in the scandal resulting in him being able to run for re-election, meaning that he will be too busy to spend time with Andie after they just started to get close.

Overall what I really liked about this book was the relationship between the main character Andie and her friends Palmer, Toby, and Bri. I absolutely adored their friendship and how close everyone in their group was and it broke my heart at the end of the book when something threatens to ruin their friendship. I really enjoyed their friendship because I had never really read a book where there was that kind of friendship dynamic. I was also a massive fan of Clark and he was one of my favorite characters. I loved Clark so much because at first he was really shy and would get nervous around Andie but how he overcomes that shyness. I also liked the relationship between Andie and her father after they get close. It was adorable how they would have movie nights together and how her dad helped her and Toby during the scavenger hunt. Another really interesting thing that I found strange but enjoyed about the book was how their was another story incorporated in the book. In the book there are snippets of a fake fantasy novel that is written by Clark because in the book he is a published author of two books who has been trying to write the third and final book in his story for the last 3 years to no avail until he meets Andie. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.


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Hi guys! We just wanted to let you guys know that we are going to start posting 3 times a week. On Mondays we will be posting our quote of the week, on Wednesday we will be posting either an update on our reading progress or other bookish posts that aren’t reviews, and on Fridays we will be posting reviews (either book or movie related).

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Expectations for The Last Star by Rick Yancey!

The final book to The 5th Wave Series comes out tomorrow, May 24 and we are excited to buy and read it.

There might be a few spoilers in this blog, so if you haven’t read the first two books in The 5th Wave Series and you do not want to spoil anything for yourself you may not want to read this blog, until after you read them.

We both read The 5th Wave and The Infinite Sea by Rick Yancey earlier this year. For the final book in The 5th Wave Series, The Last Star, we aren’t sure what to expect. I have to be honest since I read this series a couple months ago, I don’t really remember everything that has happened in both of the books and I would re-read them before reading The Last Star, if my TBR list wasn’t so long. Anyways I do remember enough to have some thoughts about what may be written in The Last Star. I am wondering what happened to Ringer. Ringer was in a way “turned” into one of the Others, so I am not sure if Ringer is still Ringer, or if one of the Other’s has replaced the Ringer, we knew from the first two books. I hope that the beginning of The Last Star starts with either establishing who Ringer is now or by letting us know how the rest of the group is recovering from the explosion that happened at the hotel/safe house. Honestly I am just ready to find out what happens to them all, I read those books so quickly and such a long time ago that I just need to know how it ends and soon. I enjoyed reading The 5th Wave and The Last Star and I also watched the movie adaptation for The 5th Wave, which by the way was not as good as the book (incase you haven’t seen it). This wasn’t at all what I originally intended to write, but after we read The Last Star, we will post a review on it, and hopefully it will be a lot better than this blog.

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Isla and the Happily Ever After Review

I finished reading Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins a while ago. This is the third book to the Anna and the French Kiss Series. After reading all of the books in this series I can say that Anna is definitely my favorite, then Isla, and then Lola. I loved all of their stories, I love all of the relationships, not just romantically, but the friendships that occur throughout the books. This book follows Isla’s adventure through Europe and New York, Isla was introduced in Anna and the French Kiss, but she was not a primary character in that book. Isla’s parents are both Parisian and they sent her to attend SOAP, which in case you didn’t know, or remember from Anna’s story, it is an international high school in Paris, for American students. She enjoys attending school in Paris, she is at the top of her class and she loves to study, that is until she starts dating her crush, Josh (he was also in Anna’s story), she has always dreamed of dating him and when it finally happens the relationships is so much more than she expected it to be. She quickly finds herself falling deeper in love with Josh and loses herself when she is with him. This happens during her senior year in high school, so while she is busy falling for Josh, she has to apply for colleges. She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her life. Josh on the other hand wants to escape the hectic political world his life currently revolves around and focus on his artwork. Josh had a plan, Isla didn’t, but Josh helped her figure out how to create her plan and I loved the way he did that. Like every good contemporary romance story, there is always something that drives the two apart, to have them reunite through a big romantic gesture. I absolutely adored what Josh did to win back Isla. I also really liked how all the characters got to meet each other at the end of this book, since all of theirs lives interconnect. I was kinda upset when I finished reading Isla and the Happily Ever After because that meant the series was over, but I truly enjoyed reading them and their covers are amazing too. If you guys haven’t read any of these books I highly recommend them.

Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise Review!

I just finished The Brilliant Light of Amber Sunrise by Matthew Crow about two minutes ago and I just had to write a review about this book. I’m writing this now because I feel like I have a lot to say about this book. The first thing that I’ll  say is that I was extremely disappointed by this book. I normally buy my books based off of their cover and that’s what I did with this book. I first heard about this book about a little over a year ago because while I was at Barnes and Nobles studying for my AP U.S. History test I saw it and fell in love with the cover. Since that day I had been wanting to read the book even though I had no idea what it was about. I had forgotten what the name of the book was and a few months ago I saw it and put it in my tbr list. When I saw that the book was on BookOutlet I bought it and was expecting so much more from it.

The problem that I had with the book was that while I was reading it I literally felt nothing for the characters. Usually when I read a book and like it, I get invested into the characters and what is going on with their lives and that didn’t happened with this book. While I was reading this book, I felt no emotions for the characters and while yes I felt bad that the main characters Francis and Amber had cancer, I felt nothing more for them. I wasn’t a huge fan of the character Francis because I felt like he was always whining and complaining about something and he seemed a bit pretentious to me. Francis always tried to make it seem as though he was better than everyone else and he wanted all of the attention focused on him. I just felt like throughout the entire book, even before he found out that he had cancer that he was complaining about something. I also didn’t like how needy Francis was and how he got happy when Amber was sent back to the hospital because that gave him reassurance that Amber wasn’t just ignoring him. Overall I just wasn’t a big fan of Francis.What I also didn’t like was the relationship between Francis and Amber and the lack of development their relationship. In the book, after Francis finds out that he has cancer, he is sent to the hospital to begin treatment and four days later Amber comes to the hospital and is put into the bed next to his. I feel like after they meet each other the just start dating and the author just doesn’t develop their relationship. It’s just kind of like oh they like each other so they start dating and out of nowhere they start talking about how they’re in love and I was so confused because I didn’t see how they fell in love with each other. I felt like they weren’t even really in love with each other and I felt as though they were only together because there was no one else really around. Also I felt as though Francis was a bit obsessive when it came to Amber and Amber showed like no emotions towards Francis. They really didn’t give me the feels like at all throughout the entire book.

Lastly I didn’t really like the ending either. Towards the end of the book, you find out that Amber dies and when this happened I literally felt nothing. I was kind of expecting this happen because as the book carried on, Francis was getting better and Amber was getting worse. Normally when I character dies and when such an important character to the story dies I would feel heartbroken but when I read that she died I felt slightly bad but it didn’t really have an effect on me because I felt no connection to her character. Overall I was very disappointed with the book and rate it a 3 out of 5 stars mostly because I really liked the cover but it was an okay book. There was nothing spectacular or memorable about this book and it’s pretty average and I’ll probably just place it on my bookcase and not pick it up again (unless it’s to take pictures of it’s pretty cover).

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“The moon is a loyal companion. It never leaves. It’s always there, watching, steadfast, knowing us in our light and dark moments, changing forever just as we do. Every day it’s a different version of itself. Sometimes weak and wan, sometimes strong and full of light. The moon understands what it means to be human. Uncertain. Alone. Cratered by imperfections.”

— Shatter Me, Tahereh Mafi