Wish & Wishful Thinking Book Review!

Hi fellow book lovers, I recently read Wish and Wishful Thinking by Alexandra Bullen. Wish was her debut novel and it is apart of the Wish duology. You don’t have to have read Wish in order to understand Wishful Thinking. If you do read Wish first, then you will realize that the storylines are similar. A couple of pages into her first book Wish I noticed some similarities to a book I previously finished, The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson (click here to read our review of The Sky Is Everywhere). The main characters Lennie (The Sky Is Everywhere), Olivia (Wish), and Hazel (Wishful Thinking) had a tragic event happen to them

Olivia lived in a small town outside of boston and after the death of her twin sister, the family moved to San Francisco. Olivia was too depressed to do anything. One day she was in need of a seamstress and she found Posey,who promised she would deliver her a dress the next day. Posey turned out to be a magical seamstress who had the power to grant 3 wishes by giving her customer 3 separate dresses. Olivia’s first wish happened on her way home from a party she was at, she was miserable and she made a wish for her sister. When she wakes up the next day she finds her sister, well the spirit of her sister and she is completely shocked, neither of them know how she got there but they take a trip back down to the seamstress to ask about the mysterious butterfly and how it is possible that her sister is there. Her second wish ironically was for her sister to leave her alone, although she regretted that as soon as she said it. Olivia’s last wish was to say goodbye to her sister. At the end of the story, Hazel is seen shopping in the thrift store and she bought the dress that Olivia originally gave to Posey to fix.

Hazel has not had the best childhood, she grew up with an adoptive family and her adoptive mom died when she was young and her adoptive father was always abandoning her. Hazel doesn’t know who her real mom is because she was adopted at birth, when she turns 18 she makes it her mission to find her. Hazel ends up at the same seamstress as Olivia and receives 3 dresses that will grant her 3 wishes. She wore her first dress to the event to meet her mother, Rosanna Scott, but when she arrived she found out Rosanna Scott was dead. Her mom was dead and Hazel made her first wish without knowing that she did. When Hazel makes her first wish she ends up in Martha’s Vineyard, 18 years ago, there is a little girl who they called Violet (Olivia’s dead twin sister). Hazel doesn’t understand what is going on but she walks off the boat anyways and walks towards the town to find something to eat. Once she does she realizes that she has no money, but Posey did leave her 2 more dresses. Which she used to make her last 2 wishes. She enjoys spending time with her mom and she wished that she could’ve grew up with her, Hazel believes that if Jamie stays on the island she won’t give up Hazel for adoption, so her second wish is for her father to be on Martha’s Vineyard with them too. After spending the entire summer with her mom, she wants to know what her mom will do with her baby, but then she realizes she would be messing with the future and decides to go back home, 18 years into the future.

The stories were for the most part short, so they were quick and easy reads. I enjoyed reading Wishful Thinking more than Wish. The books are cute short little reads and I would recommend reading them if you ever find yourself in a reading slump.              

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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