Allegiant Movie Review!

This past weekend, we went to see the movie adaptation of Allegiant and we were actually really impressed with the movie. We’ve seen all of the Divergent movies in theaters and although we liked the movies, they weren’t really as good as we hoped for them to be but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw Allegiant because we really enjoyed the movie. The movie is about two hours long and normally we would feel like the movies would drag on for the first two movies but that didn’t happen with this movie. Throughout the movie we were completely engaged and impressed with the technology that was used throughout the entire film.

In the movie when Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb, and Peter manage to make it over the wall outside of Chicago, they encounter this wasteland but are then picked up by people that created the factions and the technology they have is really impressive and cool. Throughout the entire movie I found myself thinking how the director and producers were able to capture this world that is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. I really like how the movie was done and it was thrilling and entertaining. Out of the three movies so far, Allegiant is by far my favorite. Normally while I would watch a movie that was based off of a book, I would be critiquing it the whole time and pointing out how different it is from the book but even though the movie adaption of Allegiant was very different from the book, the movie was done so well that it didn’t even bother me. I would definitely watch the movie again and I would recommend it to people that are fans of the books as well as people that aren’t familiar with the books.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!





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