The Sky Is Everywhere Review!



I recently finished reading The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and I really enjoyed it. The first time I saw the book, I automatically fell in love with the book cover which was the UK edition of the book. From that moment at having seen the book, I knew that I had to buy that book cover version. While the first time I fell in love with the book was because of the cover, the second time I fell in love with the book was when I actually read it. I have to admit that the book started off a bit slow at first, but as I got farther into the book I couldn’t and didn’t want to put the book down. This book will play with your emotions, you will feel heartbreak and you will be devastated.

In the book the main character, Lennie Walker, faces a form of depression although at first she isn’t really aware of it. After her sister Bailey dies, she doesn’t see the point to anything anymore since her sister passed away so suddenly. Lennie and her sister were inseparable, they did just about everything together and when her sister Bailey died she wasn’t sure of who the person she was without her sister. Lennie isolated herself in her room, which she shared with her sister and surrounds herself with things that remind her of Bailey.

Lennie ended up becoming someone that she wasn’t and found herself doing things that she normally wouldn’t do. She ended up ignoring her friends and family without even realizing she was doing it. She became a mess which was seen with the dying of a plant that her grandma was convinced was connected to Lennie’s emotions somehow. Lennie was lost and she didn’t know how to deal with losing her other half, until her sister’s ex-boyfriend/ex-fiance Toby showed up at her house. Lennie thought she finally found someone who could understand what she was feeling and going through but ended up doing something that her sister wouldn’t be proud of. Lennie soon began unofficially cheating on Joe (who would later become her boyfriend) with her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Neither of them could understand why they were doing, what they were doing. They felt that together they could fill in the void that was left behind when Bailey died. Lennie preferred to do other things instead of talking about how she felt and she ended up messing up big time. If Lennie wouldn’t have ignored her grandma, uncle, and her best friend she would have been able to cope with her loss of her sister a little better.


Lennie plays the clarinet in her school’s honor band and is second chair in her school’s band. She would have been first chair but she has a fear of playing the solos, so she blew the audition on purpose. When Lennie showed up at her first practice, since her sister passed, she saw someone sitting in her chair and when she saw who was sitting in her chair, she thought he was cute. The girl who sat next to her, who was first chair for the clarinet section told Lennie that he was way out of her league. Lennie didn’t pay as much attention to Joe from the moment he started eating lunch with her in the tree or when he started to come over to her house everyday in the summer. She eventually started to fall for Joe, but she didn’t believe that she should feel that happy after her sister died so she kept up her “relationship” with her sister’s ex, Tony. Joe got Lennie to enjoy playing music again and they started to fall in love with each other. As Lennie found herself falling in love with Joe, she kept telling herself that she was going to tell Tony that they couldn’t keep doing what they were doing, but she never had the strength to do it whenever she had the opportunity to and she ended up hurting Joe.

After hurting Joe, Lennie realized the mistake she was making. She wanted to fix things with Joe because she loved him, but before fixing things with Joe she had to fix things with her grandma, her uncle, and her best friend. Lennie tried to apologize to Joe but he didn’t forgive her, not because he didn’t love her, but because she didn’t understand the problem. Lennie came up with a better way to fix her relationship; she wrote him a love note and left it for him in a bedroom in the forest. She wasn’t sure if the note was going to work, but she knew that writing notes for other people to find was the easiest way for her to express herself. She left notes everywhere, on anything and everything. (Throughout the book there are pages with images of some of the notes she wrote and left behind for others to possibly find and read.)

The notes were little pieces of herself that she left behind to share with others, but the one that mattered most to Lennie contained a piece of her heart. Joe found her in the forest and they talked about the state of their relationship. They began to understand one another better and they were able to strengthen their relationship. Lennie was able to move on from the sorrow she felt from her sister’s death and she was able to be happy without feeling guilty.

I enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait until I purchase her other book I’ll Give You the Sun. The UK edition for this book is like the one for this book, but instead of it being blue, it’s all yellow. I’m not sure which cover I am going to buy yet, but I will let you guys know when I do.

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!



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