Our First Book Signing!

 On Tuesday March 15, 2016 we both went to our first book signing and we had mixed emotions on our experience. The book signing was for the novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and included an introduction by the author, Q & A, and then the signing. We were both very excited because we had never been to a book signing before so it was going to be a new experience for us and was located at a Barnes and Nobles near us. Overall the experience at going to a book signing was very exciting and we would definitely go to another one but our experience wasn’t that great. The book signing was extremely unorganized because the store had set up a few rows of chairs in the middle of the store and everyone that didn’t get a seat had to stand up around the chairs. Standing wasn’t that bad even though we seriously should have worn more comfortable shoes but what made the experience not that enjoyable was that after the introduction and Q & A were over, the actual signing began with the people that were sitting down. Afterwards they began seating down the people that were located on one side of the chairs making us believe that we were going to be in the next group that got our books signed but that wasn’t the case. After they had sat down a large group of the people that were located on the left, they began letting people that were behind us get their books signed. We ended up being one of the last groups to get our books signed because they let the people that were behind us get their books signed first. We didn’t mind having to wait because we knew that some waiting would have to be done but we just didn’t like how disorganized the whole event was.

Putting the bad experiences aside, we actually had a pretty good experience besides the disorganization. We loved the introduction that was done by the author and the story that he told about his parents and how his life was while growing up. He was actually really funny and we found ourselves laughing at all of his jokes. We also really enjoyed his accent (his was Australian and we’re really into accents) and all the stories he told because he was funny but you could tell that he wasn’t trying to be funny on purpose. Besides him telling stories about his life, and the Q & A, the author also read the first page from his new book that hasn’t been published yet. We’re both really excited to keep reading things by him and see where the story goes. Also one of the best parts of the night were the signing itself because after getting our book signed we were able to take a picture with him and he was really nice. After the signing was over and we left we were super excited because we were able to meet the author and we had gotten our books signed. We can’t wait until we’re able to go another signing because our first signing was pretty memorable.

P.S. We got our names on our books, but we like to stay anonymous

Have an ALMIGHTY Day!




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