Books 1-3 Review of The Mortal Instruments Series!!!

*Warning* Sorry if I mess up with certain things that happened in the books because at this point the books are kind of merging together so I may mention that things happened in a certain book that may not have happened in that book but I’ll try my best to not confuse the books.

Recently I just finished re-reading the first three books in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. The first three books consist of City of Bones, City of Ashes, and City of Glass and I loved them just as much as I did the first time I read them. Originally I started reading the series when I was in middle school and had never finished the series because when I first started reading the series there were only three published and later on the rest of the series was published. When I first read the series I was really into it but I haven’t read the rest of the series because I started reading other books and my tbr list got so big that I just pushed the rest of the books aside. Up until recently I only owned the first four books even though I never read the fourth book but I’ve owned it for a couple of years. Finishing the series was always something I wanted to do and when it was released that Freeform would be making the series into a show called Shadowhunters, it made me want to finish the series. Now Shadowhunters is currently one of my favorite TV shows and I hope to finish the series soon. This review will be on the first three books of the series and after I finish the series I will be doing a review on the last three books of the series.

City of Bones:

Even though I had previously read City of Bones, because I read it so long ago, I forgot a lot of the details of the book and while I knew many of the big things that happened in the book, I had forgotten a lot of what happened. I really enjoyed reading City of Bones the first and second time because all of the characters are introduced and you really get a feel as to who the characters are and some of the problems that they’ll face. I love this book because I loved the interaction between the characters, I love Clary and Simon’s friendship, Jace and Clary’s relationship, along with Alec and him feeling like he has to hide who he is because he won’t be accepted by his family or Clave.

The characters are what really made me love the book so much because you can’t help but even love Valentine who wants to kill all downworlders and doesn’t care about getting rid of anyone that stands in his way. City of Bones really introduces you to this world where there are shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, demons, seelies, etc. I love Clary is sort of thrown into this world that her mother didn’t want her a part of and how even though she grew up in a mundane world, she just seems to have this place among the shadowhunters even though she never knew she was one. This book took me through so many ups and downs and made me become so invested into the characters. Even though I knew the ending of the book, the book made me feel for what Clary and Jace were going through and made me feel sadness for Simon because of how in love he was with Clary. Overall I just really loved the book and would definitely recommend it to others.

City of Ashes:

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve also previously read City of Ashes but while reading the book again, I found that I had forgotten about a lot of the things that happened in this book. I knew that Simon became a vampire and I remembered vaguely about what happened on the ship but I didn’t remember much else. When I read City of Ashes, I felt as though I was reading it for the first the time and really enjoyed reading reading. In City of Ashes, it kind of focuses more on what was revealed at the end of the first book and shows the longing that Jace and Clary have for each other and them kind of dealing with the truth that they find out. You also see Clary and Simon’s attempt at trying to have a relationship with each other and the introduction of Maia. I also love the relationship you can see brewing between Alec and Magnus (who happen to be my favorite ship) and Alec’s reluctance to show his feelings for Magnus in feared of being shunned by others. Alec’s and Magnus’s relationship is one of my favorite relationships in the series because Magnus is so sure of himself and his feelings for Alec and Alec has even accepted that he’s not only gay but that he has feelings for a downworlder. City of Ashes is kind of the book in between where a lot of things are revealed. In the first book there’s a major revelation and in the third one there’s one as well so even though a lot does happen in the second book, I feel as though it’s just leading up to all the things that are going to happen in the upcoming books. Just because I feel this way doesn’t mean that I didn’t like the book because I loved it just as much as the other two books I’ve read.

City of Glass:

City of Glass for me was really interesting because I feel like a lot of important things happened. Before reading City of Glass you’re already aware of Simon and him being a daylighter as well as the relationship between Clary and Jace. So far, City of Glass is my favorite because you find out so much about the lives of the characters and Jace and Clary in particular. It’s kind of hard to describe what happened in the book without really giving much away but I just absolutely loved the book. When reading the book again I found that I had remembered the least about that book in particular and as I began reading the book again, I found myself remembering certain things that happened. I was actually surprised that I had forgotten so much.

What I really liked about this book, is that you start to understand why Valentine did what he did and why he is doing certain things and you also to see how although twisted, he actually loved Clary’s mother Jocelyn. I loved seeing that gained insight on Valentine. I also enjoyed two of the biggest reveals in the story (which I don’t want to say because I don’t want to spoil the book for anyone.) I felt conflicted at times with this book because I wanted so badly for Jace and Clary to be together and I hated how they acted towards each other sometimes but I understand why they did it. I also hated all the things that Jace felt for himself because he was unaware of the truth. City of Glass had me feeling so many emotions and gave me the feels so many times between Jace and Clary and Magnus and Alec. I loved reading City of Glass and rediscovering things that I had forgotten.

I would definitely recommend this series because Cassandra Clare is absolutely amazing and will make you feel so many things. I’m currently reading City of Fallen Angels and loving it. When I’m finished reading the rest of the series I’ll write a review on books four to six and how I felt about the overall series. Hopefully I’ll be able to write this review if I don’t die or pass out from tonight’s episode of Shadowhunters titled “Malec” because Malec is my ultimate ship and I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle the feels. Wish me luck because this episode is going to be the death of me.

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Allegiant Movie Review!

This past weekend, we went to see the movie adaptation of Allegiant and we were actually really impressed with the movie. We’ve seen all of the Divergent movies in theaters and although we liked the movies, they weren’t really as good as we hoped for them to be but we were pleasantly surprised when we saw Allegiant because we really enjoyed the movie. The movie is about two hours long and normally we would feel like the movies would drag on for the first two movies but that didn’t happen with this movie. Throughout the movie we were completely engaged and impressed with the technology that was used throughout the entire film.

In the movie when Tris, Four, Christina, Caleb, and Peter manage to make it over the wall outside of Chicago, they encounter this wasteland but are then picked up by people that created the factions and the technology they have is really impressive and cool. Throughout the entire movie I found myself thinking how the director and producers were able to capture this world that is both beautiful and dangerous at the same time. I really like how the movie was done and it was thrilling and entertaining. Out of the three movies so far, Allegiant is by far my favorite. Normally while I would watch a movie that was based off of a book, I would be critiquing it the whole time and pointing out how different it is from the book but even though the movie adaption of Allegiant was very different from the book, the movie was done so well that it didn’t even bother me. I would definitely watch the movie again and I would recommend it to people that are fans of the books as well as people that aren’t familiar with the books.

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The Sky Is Everywhere Review!



I recently finished reading The Sky Is Everywhere by Jandy Nelson and I really enjoyed it. The first time I saw the book, I automatically fell in love with the book cover which was the UK edition of the book. From that moment at having seen the book, I knew that I had to buy that book cover version. While the first time I fell in love with the book was because of the cover, the second time I fell in love with the book was when I actually read it. I have to admit that the book started off a bit slow at first, but as I got farther into the book I couldn’t and didn’t want to put the book down. This book will play with your emotions, you will feel heartbreak and you will be devastated.

In the book the main character, Lennie Walker, faces a form of depression although at first she isn’t really aware of it. After her sister Bailey dies, she doesn’t see the point to anything anymore since her sister passed away so suddenly. Lennie and her sister were inseparable, they did just about everything together and when her sister Bailey died she wasn’t sure of who the person she was without her sister. Lennie isolated herself in her room, which she shared with her sister and surrounds herself with things that remind her of Bailey.

Lennie ended up becoming someone that she wasn’t and found herself doing things that she normally wouldn’t do. She ended up ignoring her friends and family without even realizing she was doing it. She became a mess which was seen with the dying of a plant that her grandma was convinced was connected to Lennie’s emotions somehow. Lennie was lost and she didn’t know how to deal with losing her other half, until her sister’s ex-boyfriend/ex-fiance Toby showed up at her house. Lennie thought she finally found someone who could understand what she was feeling and going through but ended up doing something that her sister wouldn’t be proud of. Lennie soon began unofficially cheating on Joe (who would later become her boyfriend) with her sister’s ex-boyfriend. Neither of them could understand why they were doing, what they were doing. They felt that together they could fill in the void that was left behind when Bailey died. Lennie preferred to do other things instead of talking about how she felt and she ended up messing up big time. If Lennie wouldn’t have ignored her grandma, uncle, and her best friend she would have been able to cope with her loss of her sister a little better.


Lennie plays the clarinet in her school’s honor band and is second chair in her school’s band. She would have been first chair but she has a fear of playing the solos, so she blew the audition on purpose. When Lennie showed up at her first practice, since her sister passed, she saw someone sitting in her chair and when she saw who was sitting in her chair, she thought he was cute. The girl who sat next to her, who was first chair for the clarinet section told Lennie that he was way out of her league. Lennie didn’t pay as much attention to Joe from the moment he started eating lunch with her in the tree or when he started to come over to her house everyday in the summer. She eventually started to fall for Joe, but she didn’t believe that she should feel that happy after her sister died so she kept up her “relationship” with her sister’s ex, Tony. Joe got Lennie to enjoy playing music again and they started to fall in love with each other. As Lennie found herself falling in love with Joe, she kept telling herself that she was going to tell Tony that they couldn’t keep doing what they were doing, but she never had the strength to do it whenever she had the opportunity to and she ended up hurting Joe.

After hurting Joe, Lennie realized the mistake she was making. She wanted to fix things with Joe because she loved him, but before fixing things with Joe she had to fix things with her grandma, her uncle, and her best friend. Lennie tried to apologize to Joe but he didn’t forgive her, not because he didn’t love her, but because she didn’t understand the problem. Lennie came up with a better way to fix her relationship; she wrote him a love note and left it for him in a bedroom in the forest. She wasn’t sure if the note was going to work, but she knew that writing notes for other people to find was the easiest way for her to express herself. She left notes everywhere, on anything and everything. (Throughout the book there are pages with images of some of the notes she wrote and left behind for others to possibly find and read.)

The notes were little pieces of herself that she left behind to share with others, but the one that mattered most to Lennie contained a piece of her heart. Joe found her in the forest and they talked about the state of their relationship. They began to understand one another better and they were able to strengthen their relationship. Lennie was able to move on from the sorrow she felt from her sister’s death and she was able to be happy without feeling guilty.

I enjoyed reading this book and I can’t wait until I purchase her other book I’ll Give You the Sun. The UK edition for this book is like the one for this book, but instead of it being blue, it’s all yellow. I’m not sure which cover I am going to buy yet, but I will let you guys know when I do.

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Our First Book Signing!

 On Tuesday March 15, 2016 we both went to our first book signing and we had mixed emotions on our experience. The book signing was for the novel The Book Thief by Markus Zusak and included an introduction by the author, Q & A, and then the signing. We were both very excited because we had never been to a book signing before so it was going to be a new experience for us and was located at a Barnes and Nobles near us. Overall the experience at going to a book signing was very exciting and we would definitely go to another one but our experience wasn’t that great. The book signing was extremely unorganized because the store had set up a few rows of chairs in the middle of the store and everyone that didn’t get a seat had to stand up around the chairs. Standing wasn’t that bad even though we seriously should have worn more comfortable shoes but what made the experience not that enjoyable was that after the introduction and Q & A were over, the actual signing began with the people that were sitting down. Afterwards they began seating down the people that were located on one side of the chairs making us believe that we were going to be in the next group that got our books signed but that wasn’t the case. After they had sat down a large group of the people that were located on the left, they began letting people that were behind us get their books signed. We ended up being one of the last groups to get our books signed because they let the people that were behind us get their books signed first. We didn’t mind having to wait because we knew that some waiting would have to be done but we just didn’t like how disorganized the whole event was.

Putting the bad experiences aside, we actually had a pretty good experience besides the disorganization. We loved the introduction that was done by the author and the story that he told about his parents and how his life was while growing up. He was actually really funny and we found ourselves laughing at all of his jokes. We also really enjoyed his accent (his was Australian and we’re really into accents) and all the stories he told because he was funny but you could tell that he wasn’t trying to be funny on purpose. Besides him telling stories about his life, and the Q & A, the author also read the first page from his new book that hasn’t been published yet. We’re both really excited to keep reading things by him and see where the story goes. Also one of the best parts of the night were the signing itself because after getting our book signed we were able to take a picture with him and he was really nice. After the signing was over and we left we were super excited because we were able to meet the author and we had gotten our books signed. We can’t wait until we’re able to go another signing because our first signing was pretty memorable.

P.S. We got our names on our books, but we like to stay anonymous

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Shine Shine Shine Review!

I recently started reading Shine Shine Shine by Lydia Netzer and I couldn’t finish reading it. I always try to finish reading a book even if it isn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. That was not the case with this book, I seriously was having a hard time reading the book. I honestly don’t know why I purchased this book because it’s not something that I usually read. I stopped reading the book 20 pages in so I don’t know what goes on in the book, but I was not interested in reading a story about three women who are going through issues. The main character bothered me the most, from what I read she was trying to be the perfect astronaut wife and mother. She liked to hide all her issues and she paid attention to things that were irrelevant.

I don’t feel like there was consistency in the book because it went from talking about what is currently happening to what happened years ago to who I believe was her mother. When the book was discussing what happened to the main character’s mom (or at least I thought it was her mom) I had to reread it over and over again. I really couldn’t continue reading it after I read what happened to “her mom” because that was it for me. I would not recommend this book and I probably won’t finish reading it ever. I think I’m going to donate the book instead and maybe someone else while enjoy it.

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