Expectations of Lies…


Currently we’re reading The Comfort of Lies by Randy Susan Meyers. When I bought this book, I had no idea what it was about and solely picked it up because I liked the cover. After having already bought the book, I read the synopsis of the book and realized that if I would have read what the book was about I probably wouldn’t have gotten it because it’s not the type of book that I would normally read (aka YA and contemporary). The Comfort of Lies follows the point of view of three different characters whose lives all intertwine. Tia is a woman that obsessively fell in love with a married man and later gets pregnant and gives her baby up for adoption after the father wants her to get an abortion. Caroline is a career-oriented woman that to please her husband adopts a baby that ends up being the baby that Tia gave away. Juliette is the wife of the man that had an affair with Tia, who later finds out that her husband had a baby with another woman.

I typically don’t tend to read books that deal with issues such as extramarital relationships and I haven’t read enough of the book to really give an opinion about the characters and storyline but so far I’m not really a big fan of the characters Tia and Juliette because they seem too dependent on Nathan who is the man that they’re both in love with. Despite five years having passed, Tia is still in love with Nathan and wants to seek him out and Juliette forgives her husband without really finding out why he cheated on her. Both women’s love for Nathan lead them to act irrationally and use their love as an excuse to pardon his mistakes. So far I’m not that impressed with the book, although the storyline isn’t that bad but so far I just don’t feel a connection with any of the characters and find myself only reading so that I can finish the book. Going in I didn’t really have high expectations for the book but I hope that maybe as I continue to read I’ll get more into the plot. We’ll be posting a complete review of the book after we’ve finished it.

Have an ALMIGHTY day!



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